What to Expect from Venture Martial Arts

Whether you are new to our school or have been a part of our community for years, we want you to be sure you know what we are all about.

At Venture Martial Arts, our mission is simple: To improve the lives of children, adults and families by helping them develop the traditional values of Martial Arts through creating as many Black Belts as possible in each community we impact.

Each Black Belt we build gives another person the tools to “Venture to a better life.”

 What does it mean to venture into a better life? The physical and mental benefits are immeasurable and include:

Physical Benefits:

  • Self-control through developing high levels of control over their mind and body
  • Well rounded physical skills through balance, cardio, strength, flexibility and extreme coordination
  • Importance of regular exercise through building a habit of 2-3 days of training per week
  • Self-awareness for life-long safety through learning about age-appropriate self-defense scenarios

Mental Benefits:

  • Self-confidence through setting and achieving goals and building a “personal trust in themselves”
  • Self-discipline through building disciplined personal habits
  • Respect for authority by learning Taekwondo culture
  • Focus by paying attention to a classroom teacher and not losing sight of their goal
  • Perspective by working through the highs and the lows of reaching the Black Belt achievement


Help us spread the mission!

Our vision is to spread our mission to thousands of communities through evangelizing our program and core values in order to impact as many lives as possible across the world.