Is Martial Arts in Stapleton, Colorado right for you.

Here at Stapleton Family Karate we know that many people wonder if martial arts is right for them. We want you to know that whatever your experience in physical fitness, if you’re considering martial arts as your next undertaking, I’ve got good news! The good news is the martial arts are very accessible. The challenges? The martial arts are very accessible. Finding the right one for you can be tough because there are so many to choose from and, if you’re inexperienced, you don’t know what to expect. I hope this article can provide some encouragement and direction.


Today let’s discuss motive 

Let’s tackle the first item you’ll likely encounter and knock it out of the way. If you’re wondering if you have the right motive for getting involved, rest assured, there is no necessary motive. Your motive can be very specific, like, “I’ve always wanted to learn to defend myself.” It can seem silly, such as, “I’ve always loved kung fu movies.” It’s probably a combination of these things – just admit them! The simple truth is most martial arts are physical fitness regimens that come from warrior traditions of various cultural backgrounds, and the benefits of them are, besides the building of a sound body and a set of self-defense skills that you may, God willing, never use, a sound mind and the development of your character as a person. Some martial arts articulate this, some don’t, but most share these basic qualities.

It’s also true that your motive for continuing in the martial arts may be quite different than the motive you started with. You may start martial arts because you really want to build up your confidence; you may continue because it becomes your way of life.

By the way, if you think you’re too old to start such-and-such art, most likely that’s not the case. Almost all arts are equipped to allow entry by people of any age and with any physical challenge. Don’t let age or a disability keep you from trying. Many people start their martial arts journey in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond! Age is just a number and you can find the right class to suit your needs and level of fitness! 

What has gotten you interested in martial arts? What would you say your motive for learning Martial Arts is? We would love to hear from you!